19-Year-Old Pet Cat Who’s Been Missing For 7 Years Gets Reunited With Father

Losing a pet is definitely the kind of problem that animal lovers won’t want to experience. Pets are sometimes not only an ordinary animal but also our friends and relatives, an indispensable member of the family. Have a tissue ready, because the story below may make you cry.
The adorable cat named Chebon went missing 7 years ago, right before his owner Robert was planning on moving from California to Ohio.
When Chebon went missing, Robert was devastated, he decided to stay in California all year to looking for his pet cat. And despite trying everything to no avail, the cat seemed to have disappeared forever Robert was extremely disappointed.

Fast forward to the present, Robert is already living in Ohio and has probably accepted in his mind that Chebon’s gone forever – until he received an unexpected phone call one day.

A woman spotted a cat who looked ɪʟʟ, so she decided to catch the cat and take him to the vet. They found had a microchip, scanned it, they know who the owner of this 19-year-old cat is, and immediately contact Robert.

Robert is afraid that something wrong has happened, he decides to get on a plane to Los Angeles to meet his furry friend. As soon as he saw the cat, Robert realized he was Chebon. Happy reunion full of tears, the touching moment was captured and instantly went viral, storm on social media, leaving so many people in tears.

One netizen comment: ”Such a wonderful reunion! This cat is 19 years old, so he will be happy to be with his owner now that he is getting older. So happy for the cat and owner!”

“It’s wonderful moment reuniting again❤️❤️ made cry happy for them but at the same time missing my lost cat sunny I wish miracles happened and see him again”

“I am ᴜɡʟʏ crying in the middle of a crowded restaurant right now. This is amazing. ❤”

“Microchipping is so helpful! If you have a pet, you should definately invest in a chip!”

‘’7 years and he got closure! And his kitty is 19 and looks great! I think they’ll be making up for lost time and however long they have will be wonderful!’’

‘’Amazing how microchipping was the key. After losing our kitty and searching and searching – I decided to microchip our other pets just incase. Glad they found each other again. I would be in tears too. Pets are family’’

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