No one wants to adopt this cat because of they think she “ᴜɡʟʏ”.

A sad fact of life is that when looking for a companion animal, most people choose adorable, beautiful, healthy animals, , so if the animal is sick, old, or doesn’t look cute and pretty, its chances of getting adopted are almost zero. And that is exactly what happened to Bean! She has spent a long time at the rescue shelter waiting for the right person to come along and adopt them.

No one wants to adopt her because of they think she “ᴜɡʟʏ”.

Until young girl Francisca Franken found Bean’s beauty, Bean finally found the family of her dreams and the perfect home she always wanted. “I saw her photo and fell in love the second I saw her,” Franken told The Dodo. “Well, at first I laughed because the pictures were so funny and I’d never seen a cat like this before.”

She immediately wrote to the shelter to see if the cat was still available, and was so nervous waiting for a reply that she couldn’t sleep that night. “She looked like she was 20+ pounds and a real rough street gangster. So naturally, I had to meet her. I sent them an email with personal information and stuff and really tried my best to make it as informative as possible so they would pick me to adopt her. I couldn’t sleep all night because I was so nervous and sent her picture to all my friends. She was described as a feisty little diva, who had some health problems due to being an exotic shorthair. One lovely friend of mine said, ‘well, (she is) exotic indeed’ and that stuck with me forever.”

The next day when the shelter called her back, they couldn’t believe she actually wanted Bean. “I got a call from a friendly lady from the rescue who asked me if Bean was really the cat I wanted to apply for because, apparently, nobody had been interested in her before,” Franken said. “The woman who called me was scared that I just pressed the wrong button or something.”

“I teared up at the thought that no one wanted her. So I made an appointment with them, because I was even more determined to meet her.”

Francisca made an appointment to meet Bean the very next day. Bean was found wandering in an abandoned trailer park last year. She was covered in battle wounds and came with a host of health issues. The shelter saved her life and nursed her back to health.

No one came to claim her while she was at the “Lost and Found,” and the shelter had decided to put Bean up on their website in the hope that she would catch somebody’s eye.. Every day, Bean waited patiently for someone to scoop her up and take her home.
And after such a lengthy wait, Bean appeared to have grown accustomed to the prospect of never having a home of her own, until Francisca saw the picture of been and instantly fell in love little grummy cat.

The moment Francisca saw Bean in person at the shelter she was completely smitten and was ready to adopt her there and then. “One woman led me to her room and what I saw was much more beautiful than I could ever imagine. Bean was (and still is) so tiny and small, she has very stubby legs and a short tail. And the cutest face I had ever seen. I started crying when I walked into her room because I was so overwhelmed. She was not at all what I had imagined but it was so much better than that.”

Francisca stayed with Bean for hours at the shelter, and couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her there one more night.

Bean was smitten with her human and followed her around for attention and pets. “I stayed there for several hours and texted my friend, who I previously told that he didn’t need to come to pick me up because ‘there is no way they will let me take a cat just like that upon the first time meeting her.’ I told him to please come to get me because there was no way I would leave without Bean. His reply? ‘I know. I’m already waiting outside.’

Bean took to her home with Francisca right away, exploring her surroundings or hanging at her new mom’s side. She loves to harass the Amazon driver with her musical song and terrorize the insects that dare enter her domain.

“She made herself at home from the very first second. She laid down on the sofa and took a nap as if the couch was the most comfortable thing she had ever experienced,”
The beautiful cat also loves to share snacks with her mom, her favorite being olives.

Bean was very clingy for the first couple of weeks fearing that her human would leave her. Over time, she realized that she was there to stay forever and her human wasn’t going anywhere.

Full of joy, Bean is truly the happiest of cats, even if people think her grumpy! Francisca says: “She went through so much and is finally home and getting the love she deserves. I can’t imagine my life without her. She is so special and amazing. I’m so happy she chose me to be her mother.”

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